About Us

Parmajyat, located in Saudi Arabia is a full service provider for IT products and services, that continues to grow and move forward to meet its client's objectives. We are here to make people's life easier by providing technology solutions that work efficiently, economically and are reliable. In Information Technology we provide services under the following heads: E-commerce, Internet / Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, Customized Software Development, Mobile Apps, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, Digitization, Cloud Computing and Smart Homes technology to name a few. Parmajyat is comprised of diverse and outstanding professionals having solid industry exposure and experience.

Vision :
• Easy and quick document retrievalProvide our customers with superior and latest solution to develop their applications and games and website. And to have variety of high quality products and services that meet and exceed their requirements
• Global leader in solutions and technology and mobile applications designing and development.

Values :
• Innovative
• Trust
• Committed
• Speed
• Quality


North Ring Road, Tameer Street,
Aalmoruj District, P.O. Box 240286,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 11322

: +966 58 240 7791

: info@parmajyat.com 


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