Hotel Management

Manage the complete day-to-day activities of your hotel using the Hotel Management System.

Our Hotel Management Software aims to provide efficient hotel management system for mobile or desktop versions, which will reduce all the human errors and minimize operational efficiency. The software is customized for hotel industry to best fit the industry requirements.
With our hotel management system stay connected to the markets where your customers book their hotel. Control rates & availabilities from one point without additional infrastructure cost. We help you increase your hotel booking revenues by connecting you to all mediums of sales & distribution.

Scope of work:
• Point of Sale
• Customer Registration
• Customer Records
• Employee Records
• Customer needs
• Salary management

Key Features:
» Order Entry
» Handling Multiple Orders
» Single Dashboard View
» Product Data with Taxes
» Customer Database
» Multi-lingual
» Stores Management
» Ease of Use
» Automatic Receipt Generation
» Supplier Management
» Add Discounts for each sale
» Barcode Scanner (for products and sales receipt)
» Minimize Management Cost
» Multiple Customer Handling
» Expense Management
» Sales Report Generation
» Report of Client Status, Register Status, Product Status, Stock Status can be reviewed
» Virtual Keyboard (with enable or disable option)
» Generate Payment Status
» Improved Efficiency
» Set Receipt Header and Footer.
» Optimized for best performance
» Responsive


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