Online Examination System

• Your ultimate destination for online assessment.
• Prepare candidates to perform extraordinarily with an easy to
use highly interactive platform and simplify the assessment

A new innovation in online examination

Smooth registration, swift creation of
tests and synchronized user- interface for you and your candidates.

Easy to Learn and Use
Highly Interactive Interface
Advanced Reporting System
Active Accessibility

How it works?

Create questions

Manage unlimited repository of 7 variant types of questions offering detailed description

Assign Test

Add and import candidates, group similar aspirants, easily assign tests to the candidates to have a consistent track and monitor on the candidate's performance.

Design Test

Value-added test settings and multi-assigning options . Anti-cheat protection tools along with improved customization for hybrid test creation.

Generate Result

Advanced scoring and analysing tools offering detailed clarity over the marks obtained in each subject, section, test, and more.


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