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With the rise and increase in crime, providing 24 x 7 security to residences, organizations, companies, factories and institutions have become the utmost need of the hour. The local security companies are doing their best to render security services at different locations round the clock and also deploy their personnel at these places which are also remotely situated.
With a large number of different locations in and around the city and also the number of security personnel deployed at these places it becomes a herculean task for their supervisor to record their attendance and working status manually and to provide accurate reports.
To simplify this problem and to provide an easy, fast and convenient solution for the security supervisors to monitor the deployed personnel the Patrolling and Security Personnel App was created.

• Real-time monitoring of security personnel
• Status of security personnel with other necessary details such as Geolocation emailed to client and admin
• Easy to use and light weight mobile app
• Admin control panel to monitor and register users
• Reports can be generated using different parameters such as Patrolling ID, Guard Status and Location
• Dashboard gives the current status for Number of Users, Number of Clients, Logged Users and Total Photos Uploaded


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